Agriculture remains in the forefront of the local Carrot River economy. Farms range from 640 acres to 6,400 acres, and there are approximately 400 farms in the rural municipality. The principal crops are wheat, canola, barley, flax and oats. There are also large acreages of rye, field peas and forage seeds such as red clover, alsike clover, timothy, brom and wheat grasses. The alfalfa industry and leaf cutter bees produce certified varieties of certified seed is also growing in importance. A limited amount of honey is also produced in the community. This large variety of crops is available because soil conditions in the rural municipality range from sandy, to raw peat, to very heavy clay.

All of this agricultural production has allowed Carrot River to maintain its status as one of the top 10-grain delivery points in Saskatchewan. Corporate industry has recognized this, and has invested heavily in Carrot River facilities to accommodate this agricultural production.

The Pioneer Grain Company Ltd. operates one grain handling facility in Carrot River, upgraded in 1996, and has a total storage capacity exceeding 10,000 tonnes.

Viterra has a large presence in Carrot River with two large grain handling facilities.  Viterra was formed in 2007 when the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool merged with Agricore United.

Viterra's presence includes nearly 20,000 tonnes of storage on their two sites and multiple chemical and fertilizer distribution locations.  Viterra plans a $1.8 million expansion of its facilities in 2010.

To compliment the elevator services, two seed processing facilities now call Carrot River home.   Clancy Seeds Ltd. opened in 1993 and Ag Vision Seeds Ltd. opened in 1998. Ag Vision Seeds Ltd. focuses on forage seed production and treatment, while Clancy Seeds Ltd.  concentrates on the more traditional grain seed production. Both companies have added huge expansions to their respective sites since opening.

A&K Enns Trucking Ltd. has been in business since 1988 and has expanded its' fleet to approximately  40 trucks with acquisition of a smaller Melfort truck company in 2009.  The company hauls local grain and fertilizer and is involved in trucking peat moss from harvest sites to the plant in Carrot River.  Local hauling includes the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.  A fleet of approximately 10 trucks (vans) hauls into the United States.  Visit our website at or Telephone (306-768-2500)

A new business in Carrot River in March 2010 is Pasquia Agro Services.  They are a full service fertilizer and crop protection retail outlet.  They also specialize in custom application.
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