Economic diversification has played a key role in the community history.  The wealth of natural resources in, and around, our community continue to keep us in good stead.  Many of our industrial enterprises and our local businesses supply goods and services to complement our key economic sectors of Agriculture, Forestry and Peat Moss.


The agriculture industry remains the foundation of the local economy with an abundant supply of farm land to support diverse crop rotation as well as livestock production.  Our local farmers are often early adopters to new technologies as well as new crops to our area.  The introduction of hemp production to the area with seed cleaning plants associated is one prime example of the diversity and buy in that defines our people. JRI Richardson Pioneer continues to buy grain in Carrot River as well as sell crop inputs. Pasquia Agro is also a crop input retailer located in Carrot River.  There are currently three seed cleaning plants in our community:  Clancy Seeds, Rivers Edge Seeds and Nutrien Ag Solutions 


There has been a forest industry in the community since the area was first settled.  This has played a major role in the development of the economy of the entire northeast with several privately owned lumber mills scattered across the landscape contributing greatly to the community's economic sustainability.

When people talk of Carrot River, the mill east of Carrot River often comes to mind.  It has had a strong history of being one of the community's largest employers for a number of years.  It has been part of a Crown Corporation and a privately owned mill.  On January 03, 2012, C & C Wood Products Ltd. of Quesnel, B.C. restarted the planermill in Carrot River. The facility had been purchased in 2009 from Weyerhaeuser.  The Province of Saskatchewan contributed to a multimillion dollar upgrade that saw the plant employing state of the art technologies to decrease teh cost of production, enhancing the viability of the plant over the long term and making its mark as a leader in the industry.  The plant was named Edgewood Forest Products, a division of C & C Wood Products Ltd and has since been purchased by Dunkley Lumber, retaining its corporate name.  Further information can be found on their website at Dunkleylumber

Peat Moss

World demand for horticultural peat moss grown in our community continues to grow. The very high quality of the material makes it a unique resource.  Material is harvested by vacuum and loaded into trucks to be delivered to the processing plant in Carrot River. The processing includes drying the material, and compressing it into shipping packages. Lately there has been a lot of exploration of the viability of expansion of peat harvesting and processing in the northeast.  Premier Tech Horticulture is the only company currently operating in our community.   Further information can be found on their website at Premier Tech Horticulture 

Welding and Machining

With so much agri processing and wood processing in our community, welding and machining opportunities about in Carrot River to supplement those industries.  Many small operators exist in our community with Mazurek Industries and Mazurek Holdings being the only storefront operations in Carrot River.  Further information about Mazurek Industries can be found on their website at