Pasquia Place

April 01, 2003 saw the opening of Pasquia Place, an 18 unit Assisted Living facility located in the former Carrot River Hospital building.  This opening was achieved after a great deal of hard work and dedication by many volunteers.   Carrot River and surrounding communities rallied to raise in excess of $120,000.00 to renovate the existing building into the beautiful facility it is today.  The Town of Carrot River and the Rural Municipality of Moose Range #486 formed  a new organization, Carrot River Valley Active Living, and appointed a volunteer Board of Directors to oversee the project.

Pasquia Place is ideal for active individuals who are still independent and self-sufficient, but may no longer wish to contend with the many responsibilities of caring for their own home.  Tenants continue to have their independence, in a safe and secure environment, with ready access to proper nutrition and the option of socializing with fellow Tenants, or enjoying the privacy of their own accommodation.

Pasquia Place offers a nutritious menu consisting of delicious home-cooked meals.  The kitchen staff is always open to suggestions and is capable of accommodating special diet requirements.  Tenants are encouraged to have their guests stay for meals.  Each unit in Pasquia Place is furnished and decorated by the tenant, creating a homey, personal atmosphere.  It's more than merely renting an apartment.  It's a lifestyle!

Your comfort.  Your well-being.  Your happiness and peace of mind.   All of these things are important at Pasquia Place.  If you are a senior that is looking to retire but not quite sure where to lay down roots, the tenants at Pasquia Place in Carrot River say "Come On Down!'  Pasquia Place is filled with male and female non-smoking, fun-loving seniors that are described as "caring, honest and down to earth."

The term "Assisted Living" may be a bit misleading for some people, but Pasquia Place is anything but limiting.  There are 18 tenant rooms that vary in size, a common room, TV room, activity room, hairdressing room, laundry facilities and a dining area that allows folks to visit.  An outdoor patio is also perfect for fresh air, flowers and the odd barbecue.

"We are truly a retirement home, not a long-term care home," say the tenants of Pasquia Place.  "We are very much still active and do get out into the community and take part in many activities offered to us".

Those currently living at Pasquia Place have the unique perspective of experience in deciding when to make the move to a new home.  One of the original tenants at Pasquia Place, N. Cowherd who originally called Prince Albert home, said she chose to move mainly because "Carrot River is a low traffic area and has a beautiful landscape for walking and viewing the gardens and flowers in the summertime."  Cowherd also likes the fact that the Health Centre is close by if needed.  "No stairs," was an important factor for D. Gray of Arborfield.   He is also pleased that there is a nurse that comes to Pasquia Place every Thursday - especially handy in the winter months.  Staff are available at the facility 24 hours a day to assist when necessary - another comforting fact.

An Activity Director is also around to keep everyone busy with singing, playing cards, crafts, going for walks and taking field trips.  Residents note that it is comforting to be able to open the door and hear laughter coming from all areas of their new home.  B. Armstrong of Carrot River said she liked the fact of "having company if you want it," but also the privacy of her own home when she wants to be alone."The meals here are amazing!" she continued.  Pasquia Place offers three meals a day with three coffee times as well.  While residents do not have to worry about cooking their own meals, a kitchenette is available.  A space for those who like to bake is also present.

"I cannot praise this place enough it is wonderful," said H. Burki, originally from Arborfield.  She also said she feels very lucky to have this place.  Another former Arborfield resident A. Dyck, loves that "you are free to come and go with no restrictions."  The tenants of Pasquia Place advise those considering retirement "don't wait - come and join us for some long-term companionship at a place we are proud to call home."

For more information, including rates, application forms or for an opportunity to view the facility, please contact:  

April Wouters, Manager

Box 10 Carrot River, Saskatchewan S0E 0L0

(306) 768-3911

Fax:  (306) 768-3419